Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reyna's Mexican Bakery

If you are jonesing for some authentic Mexican pastries, Reyna's is your place! Reyna's has all sorts of wonderful and delicious baked goods, most of which I have no idea what they actually are or what they are called. This trip I got a conical shaped pastry filled with pineapple paste (pictured to the right), a Mexican sugar cookie, a cookie (for lack of a better description) looked like the sun (it had a yellow center and lines pointing out radially, as rays of sun would), and some of their famous salsa.
For anyone who is a rookie to Mexican pastries, be prepared for them to be harder than American pastries. This is just the style, they are not old and stale. Most other countries have harder pastries that have less preservatives than American pastries.

Be sure that you have a napkin handy when you dive into one of their cookies, as the sugar is on it so thick that you will get it all over your face, plate, table, and floor. That's also how the cookie crumbles. Pun intended.

Next time I am going to stop by on a Saturday and pick up a tamale or two to go with this awesome salsa!
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