Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Food Truck Roundup (Part Trois)

Food trucks (all street food really) have been the bread and butter of this blog since Day 1. I love everything about them and it has been way too long since I have made a food truck post. So without further adieu, here are a few of the food trucks that I have recently added to my rotation:

We will start off with a KC food truck veteran, that I just recently had the pleasure of trying: The Magical Meatball Tour. The Magical Meatball Tour (MMT) is a purveyor of fine meatballs, the most famous of which (and also most comically named) is the bleu ball. This made it an obvious choice for me, as I do love a delicious dish with a dirty name. The bleu ball slider was tremendous! The bleu balls come covered in a very spicy buffalo sauce, served on a bed of slaw and bleu cheese crumbles. The meat was tender and the slaw was terrific. The slaw was much more than a filler, it was a great compliment to the spice of the buffalo sauce. More bleu balls are definitely in my future (along with other ball varieties too). 

The Magical Meatball Tour is really an all around amazing food truck, it even comes complete with a Ringmaster (See photo to right). You can also find a MMT recipe in the upcoming edition of Food Trucks for Dummies, which is slated to hit bookstore shelves in April 2013 (I know what I am asking for for my next birthday). Stop by after you pick up your copy to get it autographed, but don't wait until then to see what all the buzz is about. My only regret was that I did not try this truck sooner.

Next up is Smokin' Fresh Streetside BBQ. Smokin' Fresh Streetside BBQ (SFSB) is Kansas City's only all-natural, organic-only BBQ food truck. SFSB also has the juiciest dry-rubbed, smoked meat I have ever had in my life. I do not know if the juiciness of the meat comes from it being organically raised meat, or the process by which it is cooked, and (speaking as a hungry truck goer) it really doesn't matter. All I know is that it is delicious regardless of where the juice comes from.

The brisket sandwich and burnt ends are both equally incredible. The burnt ends are done cube style (Jack Stack), not shredded style (Gates), which just works to hold the juices in until you bite into them. The brisket sandwich comes piled high with brisket, topped with a wonderful BBQ sauce.

Not only are Doug and Paula great barbecuers and food truck owners, but also great Kansas Citians and food truck supporters. On the weekends that they are not out with their truck, you will probably find them eating at another local food truck. Two of the nicest people that you will ever meet!
Smokin' Fresh Streetside BBQ Mobile Food Truck on Urbanspoon

Crave of KC Food Truck is a newcomer to the local food truck scene. I have had two different varieties of the fusion tacos (and before anyone reminds me how much of a taco purist I am,  the rules of authentic Mexican tacos do not apply to fusion tacos, now back to the post), they are truly awesome!

The Chicken Fusion Tacos are great. I would have to say that my favorite part of them is the homemade peanut sauce (nut allergies beware). The chicken was also perfectly cooked. The Carnitas Tacos had incredibly tender carnitas and a great salsa verde (we all know I love a good salsa verde). The tacos pictured to the right are in the order in which they are described, from left to right.

Joe and Chris (and Matt too) are also great food truck owners and super nice people. They normally stick to the lunch circuit, but you occasionally catch them in the evenings. Although, I do have to catch up with them for breakfast sometime, as they have an Amaretto French Toast that I just have to try. I feel like it may even give my Wheatfield's sour dough French Toast a run for its money.
Crave of KC Food Truck on Urbanspoon

Driftwood KC was a new truck when I first tried them (this summer), but by the time my lazy butt has gotten around to writing about them, most of you have probably already tried the smoky goodness that is Driftwood KC. Driftwood is owned and operated by a classicly trained chef that just got sick and tired of working for The Man. I cannot say enough about this truck, I have dined at some good food trucks in my day, but Driftwood is easily in my top 5 (if not top 3)! I am lucky enough to work just a few blocks from this truck, thus I have had almost everything on the menu.

The brisket sandwich is awesome, the brisket is tender and the bed of slaw that sits inside the bun with it is incredible! Like MMT (above), this slaw is not just a complimentary component of an entree, it is good enough to stand on its own. The slaw is what I would call a very rugged cut slaw, which I love, and the flavour profile of the slaw morphs as it sits on your palate (you get the sweet, then the savory, then the tangy, then a tad bit of kick at the end, just wonderful). The complex flavour profile of the slaw comes from the garlic-chipotle aioli that holds the cabbage and onions together. Plus, don't even get me started on the molasses based BBQ sauce (I am a sucker for a good molasses based sauce)! You will need a knife and fork for this sandwich, do not plan to eat it like a sandwich.

My favorite item on the menu is the ribs. These are quite possibly the meatiest ribs I have ever had in my life, I would swear that they came off of either a brontosaurus or Hogzilla, yet they are not tough and chewy at all (as most meatier ribs are). Also, if you are not as huge of a sauce fan as I am, I put the globs of sauce on myself, it did not come through the window like that.

The fries are also great, they are fried when you order them and then tossed in a BBQ rub. Whether you like them with the bacon and bleu cheese aioli or the molasses BBQ sauce, you cannot go wrong.

My only complaint is that they are not open more days of the week, or for lunch and dinner, but this is probably better for my waist line in the long run.
Driftwood BBQ on Urbanspoon

And finally, a Food Truck Roundup post would not be complete without an update on the ever changing menu of Indios Carbonsitos, who along with MMT will have a recipe in the forthcoming edition of Food Trucks for Dummies. The Akcel sandwich is killer, and I am pretty sure it is my wife's new favorite menu item. You can order it tame (recommended for those with stomachs prone to ulcers) or on fire (which would clear even the toughest sinus congestion). The cheese on the Akcel is an awesome compliment to the carne in the tame version and offers a very small amount of relief from Adrian's "Diablo" sauce on the fire version of the sandwich. At the end of the day, you really cannot go wrong either way, unless of course you have a sensitive stomach (in which case you should probably go tame).

Happy Trucking!


  1. Thanks for the kind words about Smokin' Fresh! I just stopped in to add my two cents about the Akcel. I was born in Philadelphia and have had some wonderful Philly sandwiches in my life and some rather awful ones. Most of the ones you will get outside of Philly are good imitations, at best. THIS sandwich--the Akcel--if you get it without the spice, tastes more like an actual Philly Steak Sandwich than anything I have ever had outside of Philadelphia. It IS that good. There is something about the combination of spices, the meat and the cheese that nail the flavor to the target. Truly awesome.

  2. I still can't seem to figure out where to find the food trucks when I want them... some Tweet, others don't, some update on FB, some don't, some move around a lot, others not so much... how do I keep tabs on them?

  3. Ah... The age old question: "Where do I find these food trucks?" I personally use Twitter. I find facebook annoying. It never fails to go to their website, if they have one, and email them about where they will be, most will respond. Or you can always tweet @eatingawesome and I will help you find the one you are looking for.

  4. We are working on a website as an association of truck here in KC. It will take some time but we hope to have it up in a month or so. We will keep you updated. Next meeting is mid November so we should have more information then. Otherwise, you can find many of us on

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