Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dual Food Truck Friday

Monk's Roast Beef
This past weekend, the KC Star was set to host its Food Truck Friday event, during the Crossroads' monthly First Friday art exhibit.  This was to compliment the monthly KC Truck Stop event, that also takes place during First Fridays. Sadly, we set a record low for temperature in the month of May, and both events were cancelled on account of the 1.5" of snow that fell. This left thousands of food truck fans, such as myself, pining for truck food. Although the Star's Food Truck Friday will be rescheduled, and the Truck Stop is monthly, there are still multiple weeks between now and then. Hopefully this post will hold you over until then, and will also introduce you to a few area trucks that you may not have tried yet.

"Monk's is the truth!", this is what my friend Adrian replied to my tweet about trying Monk's Roast Beef for the first time. To this day, this is probably the best way that I can describe Monk's. Monk's roast beef is a juicy sliced roast beef sandwich topped with both roast beef sauce and mayo. The sandwich is so good that it should come adorned with a warning label, cautioning customers of the inevitable addiction that will ensue upon consumption. Don't get me wrong, Monk's is not a one trick pony, they also offer pastrami and chicken sandwiches. However, I cannot bring myself to order anything but the roast beef.
Monk's Roastbeef on Urbanspoon

Gary's Tenderloin Sandwich
Gary's on the Go has been serving up a variety of barbecued, grilled, and fried menu items for years, but now is poised to become the most sustainable way to get lunch in Kansas City. Gary used to slang his BBQ out of a tow-behind trailer, until a tragic traffic accident ended its life as a food service trailer. Gary's search for a new (to him) truck led him to Lucy. In a previous life, Lucy was a Frito's delivery truck that had been put out to pasture (literally). Gary gave Lucy new life and is in the process of converting her to run on spent fry oil. Retro, sustainable, food truck; this combination sounds like a hipster nirvana.

My favorite item that Gary offers has to be the tenderloin (with a side of sweet potato fries, of course). The tenderloin is not the dry, chewy, uninspired piece of meat that you will find at all too many places. The tenderloin is actually, as the name states, tender (take note country diner owners)!
Gary's On the Go BBQ on Urbanspoon

DSE Mac & Cheese
Deco Street Eats is predominantly a lunch truck, that can be found in different locations around the metro, throughout the week. However, you can also find them at such events as the Truck Stop, on First Fridays. DSE has an ever-changing menu that features sandwiches, street tacos, mac & cheese, and warm cookies (just to name a few). I believe the cookies are homemade, although I have never thought to ask (until now). The tacos are some pretty stinking good (my favorite being the Carne Asada Taco) even though they do not conform to my "corn tortillas for street tacos" rule. The best menu item: the Home-style Mac & Cheese; this is not your run of the mill "Easy Mac" or "shells & cheese", this is some serious stuff! This mac & cheese is the real deal: the macaroni noodles are held together with gooey cheddar & jack cheeses and the whole dish has a crispy top layer (from being baked) that is about as heavenly as the burnt cheese shavings that come off of the bottom of a fondue pot. Try it and you will not be disappointed!
Deco Street Eats on Urbanspoon

KC BBQ Truck
KC BBQ Truck is a Truck Stop truck that does exclusively BBQ ("duh", you might be saying). KC BBQ Truck serves up juicy, smokey meats with your choice of some delicious homemade sauces and a side. I was initially going to walk on by KC BBQ, before they came out and offered me a sample of the brisket. That brisket sold me, I knew I had to have a full helping of it. I asked which side they recommend with my brisket sandwich, they said the beans (I don't know if they knew the high standards that I have for beans). With nice chunks of meat in them and a wide variety of beans, they are not quite Jack Stack beans (then again, no beans are), but not bad at all. I suggest that you stop by and ask for a sample of the meat for yourself, you probably won't be leaving without a sandwich.

KC BBQ also has a brick and mortar in Liberty called Big Willy's BBQ & Blues, although I don't know which came first (the chicken or the egg).
KC BBQ Truck on Urbanspoon

Detroit Coney Dog
Detroit Coney is a new truck in town, it is predominantly a late night truck. It is operated by two Detroit transplants that wanted to bring the food that was recently selected as Michigan state food in the Zagat "50 Plates of America" blog post, to KC. I am not a huge hot dog guy, but I was surprised how much I loved the Detroit Coney Dog. Something about the hot dog, onions, chili, and yellow mustard really melds together well and tastes like an incredibly salty, onion-y party on a bun. Great for late night or lunch on a cold day!
Detroit Coney Mobile Food Truck on Urbanspoon

And of course, a food truck post wouldn't be complete without a shoutout to Indios Carbonsitos and how they are full time food truckers now. That is a huge milestone for any small business owner to reach, leaving security behind in hope of chasing the American Dream! But that is what food trucking is all about, the American Dream. Stop by and check them out if you haven't yet. You can also hit them up for what has seemed to be weekly tamale orders ($12 for a dozen tamales, can't beat that).


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