Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Oldest nephew playing Army
When we went to go visit my other brother in Colorado Springs, after the birth of his second child, you know we had to check out the local flavour! I got a little nervous when he suggested Mexican, as I was sure it was going to be Tex-Mex, but I tried not to down his taste and kept my mouth shut. Then when we got there, I was glad that I did not question him.

Toro's is owned by an ex-Senor Frogs executive, who wanted to branch out and do his own thing. He describes his job at Senor Frogs as "making sure that everyone had a good time while they were there". When Senor Toro moved to Colorado, he wanted to serve the most authentic Mexican food in town and continue to make sure that everyone had a good time (much like many Latin restaurants, please keep this in mind if you are looking to be in and out).

Tacos, Beans, Pacifico
The drink menu at Toro's is somewhat reminiscent of what you would see at Senor Frogs (although they did not bring around a tequila bottle and pour shots down your throat). They have the party-girl favorite, the Corona-Rita, which is when you bury the neck of a Corona bottle beneath a margarita. Most impressively, however, they have Pacifico... ... on tap! Pacifico on tap is tough to find anywhere, so you know what I ordered!

The food menu was full of more awesomeness. Of course I have to try the street tacos at any restaurant that offers them. At Toro's they come with an order of soupy beans, which are actually not half bad and have a surprising kick to them. My wife and I ordered the carnitas and carne asada tacos, respectively, and shared. Both tacos that we tried were quite good. The tortillas at Toro's are home made, the meat was tender, and we were quite full. 

But then when we were offered Toro's version of a sopapilla, we couldn't say no to that. This sopa is not your standard sopa, this is a fried pastry (puffed, not crunchy), topped with powdered sugar, served with a dipping sauce made in house with local honey and cinnamon. This dessert was seriously out of this world! I wish I could make it at home, but then I suppose I would be Prince Fielder's size.

I have it on good authority that Toro's tortas are also where it is at, so I believe that we will be back to Toro's for more the next time we are in town.

Mountains in Colorado Springs
We had a great (albeit short) visit to Colorado, but when it was time to go, we grabbed some Bristol Beer and headed back down to "sea level".

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