Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Awesome Sushi Deals

My brother loves Chinese buffets, he has always loved Chinese buffets, an always picks to go to them when he gets to choose where we eat. When he said that he wanted to go eat sushi for his birthday, and that it was from this place that had all-you-can-eat sushi, I did everything I could to try and talk him into another place. I thought to myself that this place had 0 chance of being good! I knew that it would be a Chinese buffet with some California roll that had been sitting on the buffet for 8 hours. I suggested just about every other "good" sushi restaurant that I knew of, but he wouldn't budge and insisted that this WAS "good" sushi, so I went along with it. When we arrived at Asian Palace (a name that shouts "buffet") it had big block lettering on the overhang, just like all the other Chinese buffets have. Then when I walked into Asian Palace, I was pleasantly surprised and had to admit that I was WAY WRONG!

Asian Palace has an interior that rivals that of any upscale Asian restaurant that you would find in Vegas or LA. They had sushi, sashimi, and maki all made fresh to order. I was shocked! We went for lunch, they have a limited menu with all-you-can-eat (made to order) sushi menu, but we asked if we could pay the upcharge to experience the full dinner menu, (seeing 3 large men that look very hungry for uncooked fish) they reluctantly obliged. We started with a round of miso soup, which was very good, but only made me more hungry for sushi. It took a while for our food to get to our table, but that is because it is all made as you order it.

We had sashimi ranging from salmon, to albacore, to red snapper. All tasted very fresh. We also had just about every sushi and maki roll that we could fit in our stomachs. We had the: KU roll, yellowtail roll, filet Mignon roll, spider roll, spicy tuna roll, eel roll, dinosaur roll, squid roll, and I am sure many other rolls that are escaping me. All of the rolls were fresh, some were not my cup of team (i.e. the filet Mignon roll and the squid roll), but for the most part it was so delicious that I could not put the chopsticks down. I found the KU roll and the spider roll particularly delicious.

All in all, Asian Palace IS "good" sushi, despite its unassuming name and exterior. I am very glad that my brother dragged me to this place and recommend it to anyone, whether you are looking eat one roll or 20 (You can also order a la carte, you do not have to pay for the all-you-can-eat if you don't feel like burying $22 worth of raw fish and rice). This place is the exact type of place that this blog was created to find; something that is awesome, wrapped in a package that you would never believe could yield such a gem. I officially take back all of my hateration.

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