Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The setting: my mother's 60th birthday party. My wife and I decided that we had to throw her a big party for her 60th birthday, because she does so much for us and we couldn't remember the last time she had a birthday party. My wife had heard good things about parties at Tasso's in Waldo, she had heard that there was plate breaking, music, and even a belly dancer. That sounded right up my mom's alley. My mom loves dancing and used to even dress up as a belly dancer on rare occasions. So, we called a made reservations for our group. We even got one of her closest friends to fly in from Denver for the surprise festivities. When we took my mom to the airport to pick up her friend, we told her that we were going to the airport for frozen yogurt (as her visitor was a surprise), and it was a believable fib (as she knows my affinity for finding food in strange places).

Tasso's is a Greek restaurant (more Mediterranean food, I know), which makes it a perfect venue for a party. The Greeks have wonderful food, love to be loud, dance, and party, and are never in a hurry to kick you out (so you're encouraged to stay as long as you like).
We were shown to our table that was big enough for our party of 8. The Maitre D was welcoming us and discussing all things Greece with my mother, letting us know how often the owners went back to Greece, telling us about their farm there, etc. (he was quite a funny guy). Then our waiter takes our drink orders, we ordered two bottles of wine (a house white and a house red), they were both quite good for being relatively inexpensive (considering the setting). Then he brings us a few orders of the Saganaki (flaming cheese), which had been built up quite a bit by everyone telling us to order it, and it did not disappoint. Our house salads were great, we even purchased a bottle of Tasso's Greek dressing to take home with us ($6 at the door).

Then came the main dishes. Most attendees ordered the Arnaki Tasso (leg of lamb), as it is a traditional Greek dish and it came highly recommended. It is hard to get good lamb in KC, at least an affordable plate of lamb. The lamb was very tender and had great flavour, the Mousaka and Swordfish Steak (ordered by other members of our party) were very good as well. For dessert, they even brought the birthday girl a Baklava sundae with a candle in it. It sounded so good that everyone else at the table got one too. they were delicious! I know that it kind of stabs a traditional Greek dish like Baklava in the heart and Americanizes it, but I dont care, it was wonderful, I would go back just for the sundae. Everything about the food was an A+ experience.

My mother had a wonderful birthday. She drank her share of wine, had her first ever shot of Ouzo, kissed strange men, ate, danced, and even challanged the belly dancer to a dance batte (the below videos will tell the story better than I ever could with words). When she awoke the next morning and called us to thank us for her night out, she told us that she "could handle a night out like that about once every 60 years". I recommend Tasso's to anyone who has the time to go and take it all in.

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