Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Oklahoma Joe's

When a new Oklahoma Joe's opened in Leawood, a coworker of mine insisted that we go on the day after it opened. We got there at about 11:15am, and in typical Okie Joe's fashion, there was already a line out the door. But don't worry, they have a bar right by the door, so they can sell you a Boulevard beer to sip on (or chug, depending on your personal preference) while you wait in the line that snakes around the perimeter of the interior of the restaurant. This location has nearly the same interior design as the location in Olathe, but does not have the mystique of the gas station location. But then again, we all know how I feel about finding great food in less than normal locations (i.e. trucks and gas stations). Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue on Urbanspoon

This Oklahoma Joe's offers the same menu as the other two locations, but many will tell you that there is no reason to order anything other than the Z Man. The Z Man features brisket topped with smoked provolone cheese and two onion rings. The Carolina (with fries) is my personal favorite, being the perfect mix of Carolina and KC bbq, which is perfect for the man that is the perfect mix of Carolina and KC himself (yours truly). The Carolina features pulled pork (that is advertised as "Carolina style", but is really more a mix of KC and Carolina, but always 100% delicious) topped with cole slaw that has a bit of a zip to it and OK Joe's famous sauce. Admittedly, I did second guess my usual when I saw the size of the daily special Smokey Joe's that they were serving up. I always order the side of fries, with the word "side" being used loosely, as the "side" is the size of a Mac truck for the low low price of something like $2.79. I recommend splitting the fries with a friend, they are some kind of wonderful though. I have never been temped to try another side dish at Okie Joe's, as I know the beans cannot beat Jack Stack, and none of the other sides appeal to me as much as a year's supply of fries covered in seasoning salt. *Side note regarding the fountain pop: There are numerous diet options (including my personal favorite Pepsi Max), and you will need them after eating this gigantic quantity of food, unless you want to end up with "The Sugars" like Paula Deen.

Some call Oklahoma Joe's the best BBQ in KC, some have a problem with that because it has "Oklahoma" in the name. I personally do not think that it is the best BBQ in KC, because I don't believe that any one place has the best BBQ in KC, but that each BBQ joint has one thing that they do that distinguishes itself from the others. Okie Joe's is the place to go to get a rockin' sandwich! I do not personally have a problem with the joint having "Oklahoma" in the name, because it doesn't matter where Joe is from, it just matters that he has become a KC Icon (and not an Icon like that copy cat bridge that they built on the Paseo and named "The Icon" like there wasn't one just like it already existing in Charleson, SC). I look at it this way, if Joe were from Kansas, then no Tiger's would want to eat there. If Joe were from Missouri, people would feel like they need to wear their best jean shorts to enjoy Joe's BBQ. That being said, OK Joe's is an awesome joint. I applaud them for building a third location in an attempt to thin out crowds at the existing two locations, but it looks like that many more people are now enjoying Joe's special brand of BBQ.

I do recommend OK Joe's to anyone looking for a great sandwich, just make sure you go at an off time (like 3pm), so then you will only have a 10 minute wait.

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