Monday, August 18, 2014


As I told you in my last post, I have some pretty exciting new discoveries for you guys! There is a new food truck in town and they are slanging Asian street food-inspired boneless chicken wings that they call Bochi.

The Bochi Truck
Xiong (pronounced Shoong) and his family moved to Kansas City with dreams of starting a food truck (solid plan given the growing food truck scene here). Being of Hmong decent, and the Hmong being a displaced people with a cuisine that is not as well known in the US, Xiong decided to bring you his take on this popular Asian street food instead of taking a gamble on selling Hmong food to Americans. I am very thankful for this, not because I dislike Hmong food (I have never had it, but would probably love it), but because he introduced me to the Bochi!

The Bochi
The Bochi is a chicken wing that has been stripped of its bones (Think KFC "I ate the bones!" commercial. For as much as I don't care for KFC, other than when I am watching NASCAR and drinking Busch Light with friends, I LOVE that commercial!) but left the hand part of the wing on for you to hold the Bochi with, stuffed (with fried rice) or unstuffed, and sauced with one of a variety of sauces (I do not have any idea how the stuffing doesn't fall out, it is held together by only itself, no toothpicks or the like). They are amazing! They come with a pretty killer Asian slaw too!

Inside the Bochi (Sounds like a Kung Fu movie or Wu Tank album title)
Although the Bochi is the truck's namesake, it is not its only offering. You will often find other favourites, like: combination fried rice, egg rolls, and the ever so trendy ramen (the real kind, not the stuff you buy for $0.20 a package at HyVee).

Bochi may be new to KC {they have only been doing this for less than 2 months), but it is catching on pretty quickly. If you find out where the Bochi truck is going to be, do not try to show up fashionably late, they sell out quickly! So go see Xiong, go see him early, and tell him I said "What's up?".

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