Thursday, November 13, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Something to Come Back For!

First and foremost, I am sorry! I am sorry for neglecting my followers, I am sorry for neglecting the blog, and I am sorry for neglecting some really good KC food that has been popping up. I know that I promised you guys some chicken, and I will get to that (I promise), but for now I have something that I could not let go without mentioning: The glazed donut breakfast sandwich!

You have probably seen these creations on sites like Eater, or Thrillist, but you have probably not tasted one. I had not, at least not until the other morning. I was running late and did not have time to make myself breakfast, so I did what I have done a little too often lately: head to Joe's Downtown Donuts.

I grabbed a cinnamon roll the size of my head and was heading out when Joe mentioned that he had been working on some breakfast sandwiches using a glazed donut for a bun. I was late, but I can never be too late to pass up such a creation. After a few short minutes Joe came from the back with what is pictured below: glazed donut, cut in half and toasted, egg, cheese, and a smoked bacon. He told me that he didn't know about the smoked bacon and may switch to maple. I personally thought that the smoked bacon balanced out the sweetness of the glazed donut nicely.

If this sounds a little adventurous to you, I challenge you to give it a try. Joe uses real eggs, not some fast food egg puck nonsense, it is kind of like what you would get if a McGriddle weren't made to survive a nuclear winter. It's a good old fashion sweet glazed donut sandwiching some savory ingredients.

Swing by, give it a try. Whether you live downtown, work downtown, stop through, or make the trek from some far city, this thing is worth trying (along with all of donuts). Just remember that you heard it here first... unless you had heard it from Joe himself.

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