Monday, May 28, 2012


One of the essential experiences in Kansas City BBQ is lunch hour at Gates. My personal Gates location is State Line, but I imagine that they are all the same; the line is out the door, the air smokey (BBQ smoke, not cigarette smoke), the cashier is arguing with the cook, there is not a table available in the whole place, and you hear a lady (almost erratically) yelling "HI, MAY I HELP YOU?!". The line is doubled back and you are no where close to the front row of the line, yet you hear the lady continuing to yell "HI, MAY I HELP YOU?!" louder and louder, but no one is answering. Eventually people will start staring at you and then one nice (or incredibly frustrated) person will let you know that it is your turn to yell your order forward.

My personal favorite is the burnt end on bun. The burnt ends are not the chunks that you think of when you think of Jack Stack's burnt ends, they are more of a shredded burnt end. They are a little fattier than the chunked burnt ends. In the chunked burnt ends most of the fat has been rendered, but these has a good mixture of burnt and tender texture in the shredded mixture. Burnt end on bun, however, is one of (if not the only) sandwich in the place that does not come with fries on the same plate as the sandwich, you have to order a side of them (which as you can see, are the size of a human head). No order is complete without the giant carbonated beverage and a fist full of pickles (that I was a bonehead and forgot to order this trip).

Gates has great sauce, it is a sweet and spicy mix. It goes well with the smokey meat and tangy pickles. I find that the "Sweet n' mild" sauce and the "Original" sauce are VERY similar while the spicy sauce is a bit hotter with similar flavors.

Since I enjoy being a healthy man, I do not eat BBQ plates of this galactic proportions often. But when I do, I make sure that I make the most of it!

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